Thursday, June 5, 2008

Parents Universal Resource Experts (Sue Scheff) It's Normal - Raising Teens

Source: Shoulder to Shoulder

Wondering what happened to the sweet kids we were raising? They've turned into teenagers. While we know there are going to be good and bad times, it's helpful to know that some of this "crazy" behavior is just part of being a teen.

It's normal for a teen to:

Argue for the Sake of Arguing
Believe it or not, teens can find arguing exciting. As they grow, they are developing new skills in thinking and logic. This means that arguments with you aren't necessarily about winning, but rather experiencing the "art" of an argument. Fun, isn't it?

Be Self-Centered
It's all about them. You know the whole world isn't focused on their zit, but they truly believe it is. All we can do is be patient and help them through the "disasters" as best we can.

Be Dramatic
Why is everything such a big deal to teens? Jenny has a fight with her boyfriend and it's the end of the world. While it's good for teens to - ahem - care deeply about so many things, the drama will decline as they grow up.

Jump to Conclusions
As teens develop the capacity to think logically, they sometimes make leaps in judgment and come to bizarre conclusions. Resist the urge to correct. Listen to what they are saying, and let them think out loud. When asked, offer your perspective.

Find Fault
Can we ever do anything right in the eyes of teens? We can't take it personally (even though we could do no wrong when they were younger), and this isn't a sign of failure. It's just a normal part of the teen years. And yes, we really do a lot of things right.